Grand Canyon National Park

grand canyon The Grand Canyon is so immense that grand doesn't even begin to express its size or beauty. Located entirely in northern Arizona, the park encompasses 277 miles of the Colorado River and adjacent uplands. One of the most spectacular examples of erosion anywhere in the world. Grand Canyon National Park is a World Heritage Site. The width and depth of the Canyon vary from place to place. At the South Rim, near Grand Canyon Village, it is a vertical mile (about 5000 feet/1524 m) from rim to river (7 miles/11.3 km by trail). At its deepest, it is 6000 vertical feet/1829 m from rim to river. The width of the Canyon at Grand Canyon Village is 10 miles/16 km (rim to rim), though in places it is as much as 18 miles/29 km wide. Another way to look at size: a trip to the bottom of the Canyon and back (on foot or by mule) is a two-day journey. Rim-to-rim hikers generally take three days one-way to get from the North Rim to the South Rim. Programs Featuring Grand Canyon